Will The Past Haunt?

I was going out with some guy for five months. I fell in love with him during that time. So many people were in our relationship that it damaged it. One of the people in our relationship threw around lies on me. He was his best friend. Knowing my man had a trust issue, he threw dirt on me to confuse him. He did this knowing he would not believe what I had to say but would trust the word of him over me. So, we broke it off, but we still remain in contact to this day. At the time, his best friend was living with a relative of mine. So, we were always hanging out. I never was into him. One night, two months after my ex and I broke up, I slept with his best friend. He was also living with his girlfriend which I'm cool with. So, he didn't want her to know, and I didn't want him to know. So, we swore to throw it in the past. I still don't think he knows, and I definitely know his girl doesn't know. I know I will always hold a place in my heart for this man. I also know his best friend knows. We would glow together and not want someone that sparkles more then him and his girl. So, will he say something to the man I love, or will he throw it in the past?

— Marianne, 21

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