We'll Be Just Fine

Well, it all started in 2001. I meet a guy that knocked my socks off from the moment I saw him. We ended the night at my place. I fell really hard for this guy. But, I believed that he didn't feel the same for me. So, to keep him, I found some other guy to keep me occupied so that I wouldn't bother him too much. The summer was a good one. We had a good time in our friends-with-benefits relationship. I finally gave myself the ultimatum to tell this guy about how I felt about him, and I gave myself a time limit. We only saw each other every other weekend because I had visitation with my kids on the other weekends. Well, one night I ran into my second guy and had relations with him. I told him I didn't want to see him anymore, and he told me that he loved me. The next night I saw my Guy Wonder and had relations with him. Fast forward to September 11, 2001, when the whole nation was in turmoil. I had lost my job the week before and was looking for new employment. My dad worked in Manhattan, so I was worried about him. He actually watched the second plane hit. He was in Jersey City, so he was okay. The week after September 11th, I realized that I hadn't had my period. I got tested. I was pregnant. The first person I told was my Guy Wonder, but I was very honest and told him that there was someone else. Guy Wonder had been told at an early age that he would never have kids. So, he believed that maybe it was the second guy's child. When I told the second guy, he said it wasn't his. He hung up the phone and changed his number. In essence, he disappeared off the face of the earth. When I told that to Guy Wonder, he said that it just proved that the second guy was the one because he ran. I lived at home with my mom. I was on unemployment, so I went through my pregnancy alone. My mom helped me any way that she could. Guy Wonder and I stopped seeing each other on a regular basis because he had someone new. He called me one night out of the blue. I was on my way up to his place to drop off a Christmas present. The next night, I left a note on his car saying that I couldn't be just a booty call anymore. I did not see or hear from him until just before my due date. He called me at 4:30 a.m. and left a message for me to call him. I called him right back. He needed to talk. The lady he had been living with had kicked him out. I talked to him for two hours. We talked periodically after that. I called him after my son was born. My son was born on the date we had met a year prior. I did not physically see him until my son was four months old. We saw each other here and there again for about three months. The last time I saw him was three weeks before he moved in with his girlfriend. He told me that he was in love and that I was not to bother him anymore. I more or less granted that wish. My son looked more and more like my Guy Wonder. So, I tried to have him agree to be tested, but he refused. I had met a guy that I saw for almost two years. It was a really rocky relationship. Meanwhile, my Guy Wonder got married. Almost a year after he got married, he was preparing to move to Texas. He contacted me to tell me that he was leaving the state and that I needed to leave him alone. I told him I would. Well, now it's the year 2005, and I am a single person again. I'm not really looking, but I am lonely. Hurricane Katrina hit, and we all worried about our fellow Americans who had to endure this catastrophe. Then Hurricane Rita played with us. I did not know what part of Texas my Guy Wonder was in, so I had no idea that he had been rendered totally homeless and was back in Colorado in early October, 2005. He and his wife had been having a rough year relationship wise. Coming home did not improve the situation. On Thanksgiving, he made a statement in front of his family in response to his wife's request to just leave. He said, "Don't tell me that again because the next time you do, you will get just what you wished for." On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, the magic words were said. He left. Thursday evening, someone knocked at my door around 6:00 p.m. I open the door to the answer to all of my prayers. I had been having a really hard time emotionally and financially. It was my Guy Wonder, coming to say some things that he felt that he had to say. We started a relationship that night that we should have done four and a half years earlier. Once he saw my son, there was no denying who his father was to him anymore. We are now trying to make a family out of all of this, and I have never been happier. We have a lot more to go through, but as long as we do it together, we will be just fine.

— Janine, 36

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