Servings For Four

Recently, my husband invited his friend and brother to our house for a visit. They have been to our house a few times, and I have enjoyed providing all of them a lot of pleasure. This time they brought along their much younger cousin. He was only twenty-one. The evening started out pleasant enough. There was a lot of sexual talk and a lot of touching on the part of all the men. After about thirty minutes of flirting, I finally said, "Do you guys want me or not?" Well, that was all it took. My husband walked over to me and gave me a very passionate kiss. He spun me around and stood behind me. He held me snuggly but not in a tight bear hug. The other three men stood up and came over. Each one kissed me on the lips. In just a few seconds, I was completely stripped naked by these four men. Not wasting anymore time, the four of them quickly got undressed and carried me to our bedroom. We then all had sex. It was so fantastic. We plan to do it again real soon.

— Jeanette, 36

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