Three Cheers for Cheerleaders!

Let me start off by confessing I am bisexual. I have been ever since I discovered female porn. However, I was afraid to actually come out because I liked females only in a sexual way while I liked males in a romantic, emotional way. So, I never hooked up with girls for sex and I never dated girls. Instead, I masturbated until I went away to college. My roommate in college was a hot, blonde cheerleader. I had a picture of her, and before I took my bath, I always looked at it. Well, once when she came home from cheerleading, she walked in on me in my bath! At first, I was mortified that she had actually caught me! But then I saw the twinkle in her eye. She said, "Close your eyes, baby." So, I did, and we ended up having oral sex. Well, we continued to give each other pleasure and make out for about two hours! That was one experience I'll never forget!!!

— Justine, 21

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