While My Husband Watched

One night, my husband and I and some friends went out to several different bars. We were having a great time. As we were walking down the street, we heard some good music coming from one place. We decided to go in and check it out. The place was fairly crowded but not too bad. The band was playing some good old rock and roll. We found a table, but there weren't enough chairs for our group. So, I decided to walk around and look for one. I found a bar chair, but a long-haired guy was sitting by it. He had a nice looking body for his age. I made small talk with him and then asked him if someone was using the chair. He said it was reserved for someone special but that I could earn the chair. We started flirting, and finally he told me it would cost me a hug for the chair. I stood up and hugged him. Before I knew it, we were kissing and making out like crazy. We broke apart, and I asked him if I had earned the chair. He said yes, so I took the chair to our group. When I sat down by my husband, he told me that I looked hot and that the poor guy who gave me the chair looked lonely. He suggested that maybe I should be nice to him. I watched the guy and when he got up to go to the bathroom, I followed him. When he came out, I winked at him, and soon I was back in his arms. We groped each other a while, and then he backed me up to the bar into a dark corner. We were making out as I glanced over at my husband. He was watching with a big smile on his face. That really made me hot. It didn't seem like anyone else was watching, and if they were, they didn't mind. Finally, we had sex right there up against the bar. When we went home, my husband told me how hot I looked with that guy and that he was so turned on seeing that guy with me. We went home and had fantastic sex. Many times now we relive that night in our love making sessions.

— Hannah, 31

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