She Never Suspected

Although I'm a happily married woman, I'm having an affair with my son-in-law. It all started when my husband had to travel overseas for his company. He was going to be gone for quite some time. So, I accepted an invitation from my married daughter to live with her while my husband was gone. Things began so innocently. My daughter was working second shift as a nurse, so my son-in-law and I had a lot of time together. I have to admit that over a couple of weeks I began to be sexually attracted to him. Perhaps it was because I was so needy with my husband out-of-town, and the fact that my son-in-law was such a delight to be around. Things started to accelerate when I told my son-in-law that I found him sexually attractive. He looked slightly surprised, but he didn't do anything, at least not right away. But after that, there was a lot more touching between the two of us, and sometimes we would talk about sex. One evening, he came up behind me and started kissing the back of my neck. I told him he shouldn't be doing that, but I didn't resist when he put his arms around me and pulled me close. I melted into his arms as he continued to kiss the back of my neck. Then he took my hand and led me upstairs to the guest bedroom I was using. I kept thinking to myself that I was crazy for doing this, but I was very excited at the same time. I got into my bed, and he climbed in next to me. We immediately started kissing. Then we had sex. It was wonderful. After that evening, we would head for bed each day soon after my daughter left for work. Soon, he had me buying special outfits to wear for him, and I wore those whenever we were alone together. Whatever he wanted I did for him. My daughter began to complain that her husband never had sex with her anymore. I didn't care, because I knew I was taking care of his every need. Sometimes he even came into my room in the middle of the night, and he would crawl into my bed with me. I would satisfy him, and then he would head back for his own bedroom. Fortunately, my daughter is a sound sleeper, so she never suspected. I am lucky he is a part of my life.

— Liz, 45

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