Workplace Chemistry

To start off, I'm twenty-six years old and I am a self-proclaimed freak. Sex is always on my mind, especially with my sexy male co-worker. I often fantasize about him, especially when he reaches up for things and his shirt goes up and his briefs show. My mind goes wild; I often have to catch myself from staring because of people around me. I go home hot and bothered, but I dare not say anything because he is married. That doesn't prevent me from daydreaming. Little by little, I will work my way around him. Once he gets to know me, he might get reeled in my web of sexual fantasies. I often catch him staring at my big breasts, so I always make sure he gets a good glimpse. Since I started there four months ago, we can feel the chemistry that's building just by his sexy side smile. I will post an update soon, I promise.

— Sandra, 26

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