I've been happily married to a very sweet man for the past twenty-three years, and we have two wonderful children. Two years ago, I bumped into my oldest best friend and school sweetheart that I hadn't seen in twenty-four years. He is married now and has two kids. We had a nice, long chat and caught up on the years gone by. I made the mistake of calling him and to talk with him. We ended up exchanging email addresses and chat names. For four months, we chatted every day. Eventually, we slept together. I had never slept with him before. So, the first time was incredible. The thing is that we couldn't get enough of each other, and we ended up sleeping together a few more times. After the summer vacation, he decided it was enough. The relationship was too stressful and too emotional on his part. I love my husband, but if things would have turned out differently, I would have left my husband for my lost love. I know he feels the same. He completely cut off all contact. He won't talk to me or answer any emails. He told me he wanted to leave his wife and come back to me. Now I'm a bit confused because he tells me he loves me but won't talk to me.

— Gloria, 39

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