The Boss

My fella recently had to go away on business, so his boss came around to make sure I was okay as it was the first time I had been alone. He brought take away, which we shared. He is a lovely man and he told me he thought my guy was a very lucky man to have me. I was flattered and kissed him on the cheek. He looked me in the eyes, apologized and said he should leave. This upset me thinking I had upset him, but he admitted that he really liked me and had the hots for me. He saw I was embarrassed at this; he said he wanted me so bad he would pay, and then turned to leave. I tried to make light of it, grabbed his arm and asked how much. To cut the story short, that night we spent the night together, gave each other oral and had sex three times. It was amazing. My guy gets sent away quite often now and what is even better, his boss is really good and I love the sex.

— Julie, 26

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