I met a guy about four years ago. I was helping my grandmother at her house, about four hours away, after she broke her hip when this guy came in as her therapist. I was attracted to him. Unfortunately, I was married, although I was not happy. So, I had to bite my lip. He flirted with me and was good to my son. But, like I said, I couldn't do anything. I told my husband what happened, and he came right over and took me home. The guy called me as soon as he left my grandmother's house and asked if I was okay. I said yes, and that was it. A year went by, and he was constantly on my mind. My marriage was falling apart. After being married for eight years, I found out he was gay! So, I called the guy and told him I was coming down for the weekend. I asked him if we could have dinner. He said yes. I brought along my son, and we ended up talking until 4:00 AM. I told him all about my wild my past. He didn't say anything and accepted me as I was. He said he didn't want to be a home wrecker and that he would let me go since I wasn't divorced. He kissed me in the car while my son slept in the back, and I instantly got excited. The next day, I drove back to my house, but I called the guy everyday until my husband got home. After two weeks, I'd had it! I kicked my husband out and filed for divorce the next day. I told the guy and went down that weekend. We stayed in a hotel, ordered room service, and I got drunk. I wanted him so badly, but I was wasted. I threw up in the bathroom. The guy came in and held my hair up. He rubbed my back and my tummy. After that, he got a towel and cleaned me up. He got a shirt from my overnight bag, took my blouse off, and was a perfect gentleman. He put my clean shirt on, pulled down my pants, and put me to bed. He tucked me in and kissed my forehead before leaving for work. That's when I found out he was an emergency room intern and worked the graveyard shifts. I was sure he wasn't coming back. But the next morning, the hotel room door opened and there he was, trying to balance a cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice, a banana, an orange, cereals, and bagels! After I ate, I laid down in bed and apologized about the night before. He said he understood. Then I proceeded to take my pants off. We had awesome oral sex until I couldn't take it anymore. Then we had regular sex. That was the start. For some reason, my ex-husband won in court for me not to move four hours away but to stay where I lived for my son's sake. The guy kept asking me to move in with him. He promised to take care of me financially and to put my son in a good school. I wouldn't have to work and I'd have a maid. This is the life I'd been dreaming about, and I don't know what to do. The guy would come over to my place on weekends, or I would go down where he was. We would have great sex. During the relationship, I would sometimes get really drunk when we'd go out. One time, I ended up having sex with someone else in public right in front of him. He took me away, cleaned me up, and said he loved me so much. He said that he forgave me for the mistake, saying I was drunk after all. After four years, he finally gave me an ultimatum. Since he couldn't leave his practice, he asked me to move down and live with him and to marry him. After almost four years, he said he couldn't wait anymore, and that I would have to make a decision. I don't know what to do, nor do I have an answer for him. So, he left and hasn't called me since. Every time I dial his number, it's been disconnected. His last email said he was leaving out of state and wished me good luck. Please help. I lost a good man and don't know how to get him back!

— Georgia, 37

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