Park It Here!

All right, so a long time ago I got involved with someone four years older than me. We flirted uncontrollably and nonstop. So, when he and his friend brought us some alcohol, he tried to take advantage of me. I wasn't too thrilled with that. Now, his friend and I are still talking, and his friend has a girlfriend even though he seemed to be really interested in me. So, I left my dorm late at night without any of my friends knowing. I didn't want to get him in trouble; after all, he had a girlfriend. He took me for a car ride, and we parked it on a back road. He then gave me the most amazing sex I've ever had. When the night was over, we talked and talked, and he drove me back to my dorm. None of my friends know what has happened to this day. The thing is, I have a boyfriend!

— Eve, 21

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