His Sugar Mama

I met my husband while he was living with his sugar mama; a woman who was under the impression that they were in a committed relationship for nine months. He finally told her that I, whom he described to her as his friend, was four months pregnant with his baby. When she contacted me via Facebook about him, I told her the tidbit he left out, that we'd been married since July! Yes, I knew this woman was going to go all psycho when she found out and I expected it. She cooked, cleaned, and gave him money even when she had to borrow it from her family. He was working and living with her rent free. He always spoiled me; buying me electronics and taking me and my kids out, while telling her he was broke. I know he wasn't sleeping with her the whole time he was with me because I heard their conversation about it. Yet, I feel no guilt at all about what happened because we are so in love and she should've known that a fine, sexy man like that would never want to settle down with her.

— Jessica, 26

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