I Want A Date

I am a forty-six year old female and I haven't been on a date since 1988! He was the one and only guy I have ever gone out with. That summer I was twenty-one and we went out from March to August. It was the brother of a friend. We never did anything except a quick kiss good night. We didn't even hold hands until July. I replay that last date in August of 1988 every day in my head. He never called me again and wouldn't answer the phone when I called him. I have never been asked out since, and when I ask someone out, I am told no. I am living the life of a forty-six year old virgin! I want to have a relationship with a man. It is men who don't want a relationship with me. I am told by other women I am smart and funny, but men have said I am not attractive so that is why I have never been asked out. I don't want to die a virgin. Do I have to accept the fact I will never have a physical relationship with a man? I crave human contact; what do I do?

— Janette, 46

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