Friend Of The Family

When I first divorced, I was a single mom of two girls, ages fourteen and eleven. I went from regular sex to no sex. I could not live like that. I went wild. I started bringing home men from bars and letting them spend the night. This all stopped when I met a guy I had gone to high school with years ago. He kept me satisfied and was a friend to the girls. He discovered my deep lust to be a sex toy. He would set me up at parties to have group sex or to "entertain" at stag parties. He was also an excellent lover. When my oldest turned nineteen, I asked him to seduce her to show her what sex was like with a well-practiced partner. He became regular lovers of me and my oldest. My youngest began to argue that she should get the same benefit. So, I told her that when she turned nineteen, she as welcome to ask him. On midnight on her birthday, my oldest daughter and I watched as he made a woman out of my youngest. Since then, all four of us live together, and all three of us sleep with him regularly. People always ask why I don't marry him. It would ruin it for my girls.

— Anne, 42

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