Sissy Boy Husband

I do not care what day it is; if you order my husband to unzip and drop his pants, you will find him wearing pantyhose or very pretty panties and sometimes even a garter belt and stockings. He kept this a secret from me for about three years, until one day I was cleaning and found a cache of panties, bras, and pantyhose. I am not sure I am okay with this mainly because he kept it hidden and lied about it. I came upon this men's confession site while trying to do research on this. Unreal how many men do this. So, I have tossed out any traces of men's underwear he may have had and now he wears only the things he kept hidden from me for so long. He is now my panty wearing sissy boy who cannot control himself when I rub my hands all over his silky pantyhose. I do love the control it has given me. My advice to all you panty loving sissies is to tell your wife now; confess to her! Get yourself caught and stop hiding. You're very naughty and should be spanked for what you do, naughty sissy!

— Missy, 36

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