Stock Room Sex

I've been working part-time at my husband's sporting goods store for the last six months. I mainly help out while one of his staff is off on maternity leave. Thursday night, I worked with another part-time staff, a teenage boy who is nineteen and who is a very good athlete. We're helping out by being flexible in scheduling around his hockey games. Thursday night is generally pretty slow, so we chat a lot. About three months ago, I surprised him in the office. He was looking at porn on the internet, and I just joked that he was lucky the real boss hadn't caught him. He was pretty embarrassed, but I told him I didn't care, there wasn't anything going on anyway. I did notice the large bulge in his jeans and couldn't help thinking about what he might look like naked. I immediately was aroused, and this time I was embarrassed when he caught me staring at him. We smiled at each other, and he knew what I had been doing. We joked around the rest of the night. When it was time to close, I locked the door and we started putting some of the stock away. We were in the stock room and very close to each other. He was standing behind me and was helping me put some sweaters away. When he pressed up against me, I don't think by accident, I pressed back and could feel that he was excited again. I, too, was very excited. I turned around and pressed up against him, kissing him at first tentatively and then full mouth. I wanted to see him naked and started unzipping his jeans. He didn't put up any struggle. I pulled his jeans down around his thighs and then pulled his briefs down. I was very surprised at how big he was, way bigger than my husband. I got down on my knees and started performing oral sex on him. He finished quickly but stayed ready. I stripped, and we had sex two more times there in the stock room. I can't get enough of him. We now do it every Thursday.

— Peggy, 28

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