My Big Man

We have a good sex life, so I was surprised one evening when my husband asked if I ever fancied being with a man with a really big package. I would have lied if I had said no. He asked if I had the opportunity, would I go for it. I said not behind his back, but yes I would like to do it once just to see. One evening, my husband brought a friend around for a drink. He was a young black guy; very charming. I didn't know it to start with, but he was my big package. We had drinks, my husband explained what he had arranged, and then sat back to watch while we had sex in front of him. I was a little embarrassed to start with, but when I saw his size, I was scared. I managed to take the whole thing; it didn't hurt as I thought it would. We had sex in four or five different positions. It was all amazing! I want it again, now and then.

— Olivia, 32

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