Our Little Secret

It was my step-brother's birthday yesterday; a couple of days ago he said he had never had sex and wondered what it would be like to have oral. Anyway, he went out with his mates for a while and when he came back, I opened a bottle of wine and we sat chatting. After a couple of large glasses, he told me he had not had sex with a girl and he had once watched me in the shower, I was shocked and he was embarrassed. He apologized and said he loved me, and then he went to his room. I sat thinking in the bathroom after my shower about what he had said, and I felt quite flattered and turned on. I left the bathroom and stopped outside his bedroom. He was on the bed in his boxers watching TV, so I went in and told him it was okay and I loved him too. I dropped my towel and said happy birthday. I was so turned on that we had full sex; it was really nice. I haven't told my partner; it's our little secret.

— April, 26

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