Party Girl

My friend that I have known from school recently asked if I would go with her to a party. My fella was away, so I thought, "Why not?" I didn't know anyone there except my friend, so I stuck with her while she mingled with the guys. It soon became apparent that she didn't know anyone either. She admitted that she had been asked to go along, to supply some female company; by someone she knew who worked for the company. I was shocked, but thought, "What the heck, I'm here now." After a few drinks, I was chatting to one of the guys and having a laugh when my friend came over and asked me to join her and some guys for a bit of group fun. The guy I was chatting to asked if he could come too and followed. Well, we went to a back room with comfy chairs and a table. We danced on the table for about five men, stripped off, gave a little show, and then had sex with them all. The guy I had been chatting to came over to me at the end and we had amazing sex, just the two of us. It was fantastic; he wrote his number on an envelope as I left. As I was leaving with my friend, I showed her the envelope; she smiled and said to open it. It was full of cash; she had one too. The guy I was with had organized the party. I called him later and we have had several meetings. My fella knows nothing about this and I don't intend to tell him, but my new sex buddy is amazing.

— Julia, 26

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