Behind Everybody's Back

I have been married for a year and a half now. Everything was going great, and he has changed a lot for me. He used to treat me like crap, but he has changed dramatically. At first I loved him to death. I say at first because this is my confession. Not too long ago, I met some guy. We went out to the movies just to have fun. I was looking to make new friends, and I know that was wrong of me. I had lied to my husband and said that I was going to go Christmas shopping which I really was. It's just that I was going to meet up with the other guy just to go chill and watch a movie. That didn't happen! Next thing you know, we are giggling and smiling about everything. And before the movie started, somehow we held hands. Yes, I hated myself for that. I had a good, loving husband at home worrying about me. Next thing you know, we stared at each other and we kissed. From that point on, I didn't know what to think of myself, but it only got worse. Before you knew it, we were in the back of my SUV making out in the theater parking lot. And then we had sex. He is now the second guy in my life I have slept with. I hated myself. But I knew going home it was over with him and there would be no more of him. Now, it's more like there can't be a day without him or me calling each other. Just a few nights ago, he told me he loved me and would do whatever it takes for me to leave my husband and to be with him. So, he has fallen in love with me, and I don't know what to do. I care so much for him now and have strong feelings, but my husband hasn't messed up on me. I look back at my past, and my husband had cheated on me seven times and treated me like crap when we were dating. But marriage has changed all of that. He's now just the most wonderful husband ever. Now I messed up on him. Cheating on him would be the last thing I would have had in mind, but I did. I have cheated on my husband with some guy that now I'm also falling in love with behind my husband's back. I don't want to hurt anybody. The guy and I are still seeing each other behind everybody's back, and we're still having sex. I have told my sister about this, and she hates me for it, too, because everybody loves my husband! I don't know what to do!

— Wanda, 19

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