Birthday Gift

When I was younger, all my friends kept talking about sex and boys they had been with. I was still a virgin because I was shy and, although I had been with boys, I didn't feel comfortable about sex. One day, I asked my neighbor about sex. He was surprised that I had asked him; I explained I was still a virgin and wanted to try sex, but not with just anyone for the sake of it. We talked for a long time and I started to feel more comfortable with it. Then one day, I asked him if he would have sex with me. I love him to pieces and felt it would be special. He said no; I tried to persuade him, but he still kept saying no. I cried and he hugged me; he told me he would give me oral, but I would have to wait until my birthday for full sex. It was my birthday last Saturday and he kept his word; I gave him my virginity and he gave me the most amazing night.

— Monica, 22

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