Video Vixens

I did the wildest thing of my life over the Christmas break. My parents went to Europe for the holidays and didn't want me to stay home alone even though I'm nineteen and a college freshman. They asked if I wanted to stay with my older sister who is married, or go Miami and stay with my aunt, uncle, and my cousin, Alicia. Of course, I chose Miami. Alicia is my age, and we always have a lot fun there. My uncle and aunt have always been very liberal with their rules, while my parents are quite conservative and strict. Alicia took me to get a fake ID made saying I was twenty-one. We stayed out late every night, even until the next morning, partying at clubs and parties. We even hooked up with some really cute guys. A few days after Christmas, she told me we could make some money by going to a party on a big yacht and just be videoed partying in tiny string bikinis. So, we both went. The people said they would pay us $250.00 each just to dance and party while they taped. There were quite a lot of us partying and all. We drank a lot of champagne and were getting smashed. An older lady in her thirties came and started talking to me and Alicia. She said we could make $1000.00 by coming below to the other deck to be taped where they were making an adult sex video. Alicia wanted to do it but only if I would too. She eventually talked me into it. They took our IDs and made copies. We had to sign a form saying we were over eighteen and consented. Then they told us a basic script, but then said we should just have fun. There were a lot of people down there. I felt weird. Then two really hot, muscular guys came in, and we were told which ones to be with. I was on a big couch with my guy, and Alicia and her guy were next to us. He started kissing me and fondling me. Then he untied my bikini. I was naked right in front of all those people and two cameras and having great sex. He was really good, too. We did oral and then several positions. The couch was by a big window, and I could see other boats going by and people in those boats could see us having sex and being videoed. It was very exciting and wild, but now I am scared to death my parents will find out or my friends at home might, too.

— Claudia, 19

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