What Mama Doesn't Know...

When I was nineteen years old, I met this guy named James. We had an off-and-on relationship that lasted approximately four years. He was great, and I was in love with him. We just had this attraction to one another, especially when it came to sexual encounters. He was extremely sexual, a complete freak! We would have sex whenever possible, any place, anywhere. This was a complete turn on for the both of us. One of my most memorable moments with James was when we had sex in the same room as my mother. I know that this sounds horrible, but it is true. One spring, my mother persuaded us to accompany her on a Reno, Nevada bus trip. This was a turn-around trip that included a one-night's stay in one of Reno's popular hotels. So, off to Reno we went. But there was one catch that we didn't realize until we got there. We would be sharing a room with her. There were no other options. There was some sort of annual event happening, and all of the other hotels were completely booked. While in the room with my mother, we tried to control ourselves, but this didn't work. While she was sound asleep in another bed just feet away, he began to kiss the nape of my neck, and moments later we were having sex. Receiving him felt so good. We couldn't make any noise because my mother was just feet away. After all, what would have happened if she had been awakened to find her baby girl having sex in the next bed? Afterwards, we both felt a little guilty. But it was worth it. I would definitely do it again. Being sneaky can definitely be a turn on.

— Rose, 25

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