They Don't Change

I am a married woman who attends a church without my husband. My husband will visit with me once in a while. There is an elderly man who has been a member for a lot longer than me who has been a widower for over ten years. This elderly man is now ninety-one years old. Yes, ninety-one. After seeing him at church for a couple of years and having gotten to know him, he suggested that I go to see his home and go for lunch sometimes since I was not working at that time. I thought it was a great idea because he was lonely living alone and it was safe because of his age and that I met him at church. We had gotten to know each other pretty well too. My husband agreed and thought it would be nice for the widower to have company and get out and do things, and I would have someone nice to talk to. What a shock I had. After a few weeks of going out with him to lunch and visiting him, he started to talk about how he liked to look at the girls and their bodies and how he got excited and wished he had them in bed with him. He said he really liked the girls in short skirts and how he sits and watches them. I told him that it was inappropriate conversation and made me uncomfortable. He then asked me if I liked to look at the young men and their bodies. My husband is glad I avoid him now. So you see, they never change. If they have a dirty mind when they are young, it doesn't change with old age.

— Kimberly, 36

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