A Party Of Three

I had been married a year to the guy of my dreams. Our sex life was really great. Both of us were super horny all the time. For our first anniversary, we went to visit his parents at a family reunion. It was a great time as I flirted with his brother and cousins. A few days later, my husband, his brother, his wife, and I went out for dinner and drinks. My hubby met some old friends wanting to go with them. He told his brother and sister-in-law to take me home as he would come later. I was pissed at my husband for leaving me. On the way home, we were all feeling good. So, I made a pass at my sister-in-law. She responded quickly. Once home, we were undressed in bed making out as my brother-in-law watched. We both gave him oral before we went to bed. My husband's friends got him drunk and then dropped him off. I was just in my sheer nightie when I tried to get him to bed. His brother and his wife helped me get him into bed. I undressed him and began giving him oral. My brother-in-law then joined in. We then went into another bedroom to do a threesome. I have never told my husband about our party. In the past five years, I have been with both my sister-in-law and brother-in-law a few times.

— Mindy, 37

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