My husband had to go away for work; a friend was house-sitting and asked if I wanted to go around. The house was huge with a pool and sauna; she was there with her husband, a really nice guy. She had to pop back home and left us alone for a couple of hours, suggesting we tried out the sauna. I was in there on my own when he came in and joined me, we sat in our towels talking and laughing, after a while I saw he was excited, and then realized my towel was open. I was a little turned on by this; I could see him sneaking looks, which made me even more excited. I stood up in front of him and smiled as I dropped my towel. We had sex and it was amazing. After a while, I saw my friend at the door. I was shocked, but she laughed and said she wondered how long it would be before we had sex. We carried on with a threesome. They want a foursome next time with my fella, but I don't know if I dare tell him.

— Emily, 34

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