I have kept this a secret until now; my husband had prostate problems and was prescribed a drug that caused him not to be able to have sex. He was happy to play with me, but I longed to have the real thing. He told me several times to have sex with another man, but I told him I couldn't do that because it would hurt him. Anyway, I met this younger guy at the gym and we often chatted. I really got to like him. After a couple of drinks one evening, I told him about my problem and the inevitable happened; we ended up in bed having sex. I felt really guilty afterwards; I didn't tell my husband and told this guy I wouldn't do it again because I thought he only did it because he felt sorry for me. He admitted that was why he did, but he said he found me very attractive. I keep fit and am forty-four years old; he's twenty-nine, but he added I was so hot in bed he has been unable to think of anything else since. Well, this got me turned on again and yes, we did it again. He is very fit, willing, and has a large package that really satisfies me. I still haven't told my husband, but we meet up two or three times a week now. It's amazing!

— Sarah, 44

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