Marriage Is No Issue

My best friend owns a club in a nearby town, so I went out every "Ladies' Night" just to support her efforts. I found myself being drawn to the DJ there, although I knew he had a wife and two small children. He was one of those cocky men; the ones who know they are hot and don't have a problem letting everyone else know it, too. He didn't let a little thing like marriage get in the way of showing it either. He would flirt with every woman who came into the bar. One night, we struck up conversation. An hour later, we decided to hang out after work. As I was younger than him by nearly ten years, it would seem inappropriate in the eyes of his wife and my friend. I was nineteen at the time and looking for a way to fill the middle of my week. So, he offered me a babysitting job, which I gladly accepted. I stayed until the wee hours of the morning when he got off of work. At that point, it had been snowing. Lucky for me. He asked me if I would like to spend the night and told me there was plenty of room on his couch. So, I stayed. We decided that since the children were asleep, his wife, he and I would watch a couple scary movies. The first movie ended, and his wife went to bed. We stayed up for another hour watching one of the worst horror films I had ever seen. But, naturally, I pretended to be scared. Before I knew it, we were cuddled underneath a blanket and he was sucking on my neck and reaching his hands down my pants. After what seemed like hours (but in reality was mere minutes) of foreplay, he decided that he had to have me. He pulled down his pants and offered me a front row seat, which I naturally accepted. After having been thrown over the back of the couch, onto the floor, and then back onto the couch again, I was getting worn out. Nearly two hours later, he passionately kissed me and told me he couldn't wait for me to babysit for him again. He then cleaned himself off and went to bed with his wife.

— Rebecca, 21

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