We Always Enjoy It

I've been married for almost twenty years. I think I'm still attractive, but you would never know it based upon the attention I get from my husband. I guess that's why I was always so flattered when Ted, my daughter's boyfriend, would compliment me and tell me how great I looked. It got to the point that I would even put on make-up and try to look attractive when I knew he was coming over to see my daughter. Well, one time Ted came over to pick up my daughter. As luck would have it, she called from work to say that she had to work a double shift to cover for someone who called in sick. Since hubby was out of town, I was alone with Ted. I asked him to stay and help me move a few items downstairs. The truth is, I just wanted to enjoy his company. Ted turned on the charm, and he was soon touching me in a playful way. Of course, the playful touching soon became more serious stroking, and I was enjoying it too much to make him stop. Then he started to nuzzle the back of my neck, an area that just makes me weak with desire. We went to my bed and made love multiple times until my daughter was due to return home. I love taking care of his needs, and we are together whenever possible. Sometimes it's only for an hour, but other times we get the luxury of a weekend together. We always enjoy it.

— Tina, 43

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