In Love With Son-In-Law

I am feeling like the worst mother in the world. I have fallen in love with my son-in-law. It all started by my admiring the way he loves my daughter and my granddaughter, who isn't biologically his. He is the most loving man, fun to be around, and easy to talk to. He is also a very handsome man. I shared an apartment with him and my daughter for a year and during that time; he was away for work and ended up texting me in the middle of the night. That was the first time that our conversation went where it shouldn't. I must say we did nothing but text, but the guilt was astounding. It settled for two years after that, but here we are again. We do so much together and if our relationship changes, it will make everyone in the family question what's changed. How do I tell my daughter that I am in love with her husband? I dream of his touch and feeling his caress. I know the feelings are mutual and we fight them every time we are together. The energy that goes between us when we touch is electrifying; it goes all the way to our cores. I hope that I have the strength to continue to say no and control myself, and at the same time I hope that one day we can give into our feelings. For now, I will continue to live with the secret that I'm in love with my son-in-law.

— Laura, 53

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