Happy Birthday Times Two

I had been happily married for about eight years with four children. One night in our bedroom, I had just come out of the shower when my husband, sitting on the edge of the bed, asked me how many men I had given oral sex to. I was shocked. My first reaction was to say, "I can't tell you that." He said, "Look, we've been married long enough for us to talk about such things, and I'm certainly not insecure." So, I said, "Are you sure you really want to know?" Again, he said, "Yes." I wasn't sure if he realized that I had been with quite a few men before I met him. So, I just said, "About twenty or so." Of course, I expected him to be shocked. Instead he said, "Well, I thought you really liked to do it," and I answered, "Well, yes I do." Then he said, "On a scale of one to ten, how much do you like giving oral?" These questions were starting to get me a little aroused, so I said provocatively, "About an eleven!" He answered quickly, "Just as I thought. Then twenty or so different men has not really been enough, has it?" I quickly reassured him and said, "You are all I need now, darling." But he went on and said, "Yes, I know, but haven't you ever looked at a guy and thought what it would be like even though you are married?" I hesitated before answering, but by now I was really getting excited by his questioning and said, "Well, I guess so." Then he said something I will never forget. "Well, it's your birthday coming up in three weeks, and I would like to organize a very special night for you, a special night where you can add another two or three to your twenty or so." I just about choked and said, "What do you mean?" "Look, I love you, and I feel secure enough with our marriage to add a little spice into it. So, I want to organize a special fantasy night for your birthday. Now don't think about it. Just look forward to it, okay?" Without thinking, I just said okay, and then we made love like we did when we first met. It was amazing. Two days before my birthday as he was about to leave for work he said, "Now don't forget about your special birthday night on Thursday." I immediately went bright red in my face. Even though I tried to speak, only a strange squeak came out. He kissed me on the cheek and left for his work. On the Thursday night, he arrived home with a special gift-wrapped parcel under his arm. He kissed me, wished me a happy birthday, and said, "Put this on," as he handed me the box. I went up to our bedroom and opened the box to find that he had bought me a simple black dress. I grabbed my favorite pair of heels and tried on the new dress. It was fantastic and fit perfectly. There was just one problem. It was very see-through. "Does it fit?" he asked as he came into the room. "It's perfect," I said, "except it's a little see-through, and I don't know what underwear I have got to go with it." "Don't worry about that, that's your next birthday present. I've arranged to take you to an exclusive lingerie store that is going to open especially for you." I was just about to look for something to throw on until we arrived at the store when he said, "First things first. Come into the bathroom with me. " I quickly followed him in. He stood with his back to me filling the sink with hot water and then started soaking his own shaving brush in the water. So, I assumed he was going to attack his five o'clock shadow. But when he had finished lathering up the brush with soap, he placed it back into its mug and said, "Take the dress off." So, I did and stood there in front of him naked except for my favorite black shoes. He then shaved me totally. "Okay, you won't need any underwear for the drive to the lingerie shop, will you?" I put the new dress back on and observed that the dress was still see-through, but there certainly wasn't any bikini line showing. We drove into the city and into a back street full of exclusive fashion boutiques. He parked the car and then held my door open for me. I stepped out of the car and, with my arm through his, we went to the only boutique that was open at that time of night. Sure enough, it was a lingerie store with the absolute best of the best. "Just grab what you need and don't worry about the cost. It's your birthday." I was so happy and just went rushing from display to display being quite oblivious to the staff. "May I be of service madam?" A deep, sexy voice asked from behind. I turned to come face to face with a young, dark-haired Adonis with green eyes who beamed me a smile. I was obviously shocked because I had never been served by a man in such a store and certainly never had been served by such a beautiful young man. I said, "May I try these on?" "Of course," he answered, "just follow me." I followed him with my eyes affixed to his freshly baked buns, and he opened a mirrored door to the largest changing room I had ever seen. I closed the door behind myself and tried on the first pair of French laced briefs. I held my dress up and admired myself in the mirror. "How are they?" the sexy man's voice asked through the glass door. "They're lovely," I replied. "Can I see?" he asked, "Your husband said it would be alright." Then I suddenly remembered my special fantasy night birthday gift. Even though I tried to reply, I couldn't get any words out. The door opened, and there was my Adonis. This time he was with another young stud, and they both came in. The first one said, "Now let me have a look at the merchandise." He lifted my new black dress and took a close look at the briefs and then said, "Perfect. What do you think, Oscar?" he asked his accomplice. "I agree. In fact, they make me feel very hot in here." Steve unbuttoned his black shirt to reveal the perfect tanned body, and then first Adonis followed his lead. I thought to myself, "I'm not going to undress in front of these men." But before I could say anything, they had both removed their pants, shoes, and socks, and stood there in front of me in their European underwear. I couldn't take my eyes off either of them, but I was also a little overwhelmed and took a cautious step back. The two men then removed their remaining clothing and stood naked in front of me. I started to look away, but my eyes were drawn to their appendages. Just at that moment, I heard my husband's voice from outside the door. He said, "Happy Birthday, Darling. I love you. Just enjoy." It was true. I loved to give oral sex way back when before I was married. Now, eight years later, I still loved to pleasure my adorable husband, but not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be standing fully dressed in a black cocktail dress with two of the best-looking men I had ever seen, standing naked in front of me, offering their manhood for the taking, and all approved by my husband as a birthday gift. What a fantastic birthday present, and one that I will never forget. Of course, I made sure my husband had an extra special thank you when we arrived home that night. In fact, it was one that I don't think he'll forget in a hurry, either. He never spoke of that experience again. But needless to say, I have had many vivid recalls of that wonderful 'gift'.

— Diana, 46

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