If Only She Knew

I have been having an affair with a married man for almost three years at a company where I used to work. Currently, he is still employed there, and I am not. I am married as well. I have two kids by my husband. When I worked there, he used to make excuses to come see me at my desk. He, his wife, and I had a little discussion last weekend. She reminded me a bobble head doll! I told her we were not sleeping together, and we are just friends. Both of our marriages have been on the rocks for a while now. She said if she caught him or me speaking to each other again he would be history. Since then, we have made love twice. If only she knew! He called me not too long after they got home together and after she left to go to the store. We are going to keep our relationship alive because we love each other. If only she knew!

— Eliza, 29

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