His Brother's Keeper

Last year at the bookstore, I turned around and literally ran into a guy I'd had a crush on for five years! He had every class with me, and we became friends. After that semester, I'd only see him around town every once in a while, and he would light up every time he saw me. He knew I had a boyfriend, so he never pursued me. But I knew that if I were ever single, I'd be after him! I guess my wish came true. My relationship fell apart. So, I started calling him. I would make things up like, "I thought your daughter might like this..." in order to go see him. After a few months, I asked him out. He said he didn't want anything serious and it wasn't me. Broken hearted, I vowed to leave him alone. Two days later, I ran into a gorgeous police officer that proceeded to flirt with me. He gave me his card and I said, "Do you want my number and my name?" He said, "I know who you are, and I'll get your number when you call me." Later that night, the first boy seemingly had a change of heart and invited me over to watch a movie. Awesome! I was there. We had a great time watching the movie he'd borrowed from his brother and the Olympics. Then we practiced bedroom Olympics late into the night and again in the morning. Eventually, I left and made it to my afternoon classes. At the end of the day, I was exhausted and took a nap. When I awoke, I found that the sexy officer had tried to call ME. He didn't have MY number. I called him back. How'd he get my number? Earlier that afternoon he had gone to see his brother and told him about meeting me but not getting my number. His brother, being such a nice guy and all, tells him, "I have her number if you want it. I'm not going to call her. We're not involved, and she's too young for me anyway." The cop's brother was the man I'd just spent the night with! Things have been great, though. The sexy officer is as sweet as can be, and his brother is still my friend, he's just way too old! I guess one should always ask for a younger brother first!

— Denise, 22

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