Too Caught Up?

My man can never keep his word. He says one thing and does another. We are always arguing about the same thing, which is the fact that he has no time to spend with me. Now he hasn't called me in two weeks. I'm tired, and I don't know what to do. I'm tired of not being treated right and tired of being taken for granted. While he wasted my time, there were plenty of other men who would have liked to be with me and treat me right. Am I too caught up in love to realize something's wrong? Or, should I just work harder at it? Then again, I feel that sometimes I'm the only one working at this relationship. He's in another borough, so he could easily be with some other woman while I'm over here missing him and thinking he really cares for me. When we first got together, I told him, "Keep it real, and if you aren't feeling this relationship, then let me know and we are dead." It hurts, though, because I feel that I'm being used. I told myself to never get so caught up in a relationship that I don't realize what's really going on. What's even worse is that he's older than me, so he should be more mature, but it doesn't seem like it. I would just do him like my exes and cheat, but then I would be wasting my time and I'm not up for that. How come when it comes to other people I know what to do, but with my own problems I'm always lost?

— Quaneeka, 22

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