Something New

I was a virgin when I got married at age eighteen. I am now forty-two and enjoying sex more than ever. About ten years ago, my sister, Jenny, went to visit our parents who had moved to Florida. Up until then, the only man I had sex with was my husband. Jenny, two years older than me, started having sex when she was nineteen with multiple partners. We both have two children and got married the same year. Even at home, she always has lovers on a regular basis. We were staying at a motel. On the first evening, we went into the bar for a drink and noticed two handsome young studs eyeing us. Soon they sent over a round of drinks, and Jenny sent a round to their table with a note to join us. Of course, they came right over. We are both attractive women. Soon, we were dancing with them, and I could feel they were excited. Sex with my husband had become very boring, and I felt this was the time to try someone new. Jenny and Kenny disappeared, so Mike and I were alone. He started feeling my thigh, so I moved to make it easier for him to reach my crouch. I was getting hotter by the minute and started feeling between his legs. We left and went to his room, and soon we were bare. His penis made my husband's look like a toy. He started giving me oral, and I never enjoyed it as much. I had multiple orgasms and soon was giving him oral. We spent the entire night having sex in every position imaginable. Every place we had sex ached from the constant pounding. The next night, all four of us went to our suite, and Jenny and I took both of them. We took turns having sex with both of them. They left the next morning, and that night we picked up two others and started all over again. In those two weeks, we had sex with fourteen men. It was the first time I had sex with someone other than my husband. In the last ten years, Jenny and I have been to visit our parents twenty times. During this time, I have had sex with at least a hundred and fifty different men, aging from twenty-two to sixty, and I enjoyed every one of them. When I return home, I teach Sunday School, am the President of the PTA, volunteer at a soup kitchen for the homeless, and serve on committees at the Country Club. All believe I am a saint. That includes my husband. I can't wait for our next trip. I hope to beat my record of four men in one night.

— Gabby, 42

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