Share Ourselves Around

Sometimes I wonder if I am good or bad when it comes to sex. I really love sex. My husband also loves sex. He also, bless his heart, understands that my desire for sex is not totally and singularly attached to my sincere love of and for him. I had had several partners before we got married. And although I tried to be a one-man wife, it became impossible. So, after talking with my husband, I am now free to have sex with other men whenever I feel like it. I always tell my husband what / who I have done. It actually turns him on to hear about it. It really is a great experience and security blanket for me. My husband does not go looking for other women. Occasionally, when I pick up a married man out with his wife and all are agreeable, I bring everyone home and we share ourselves around. The strange thing is that neither of us measures the performance of our extra sex partner with each other. Good or bad, I think I am a very lucky girl.

— Trish, 33

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