Will Seek Revenge

I have a confession that I really need to get off my chest. I had been cheating on my husband with this guy at work. The bad thing is that we all work at the same company but in different departments. The guy also has a girlfriend whom he lives with. When she was at work on Saturdays, I used to sneak out to his house to have sex with him. We messed around for about four months when he told me he loved me. We were together on Valentine's Day, and I told him that I really loved him. The next day, he didn't want to talk to me, and we never spoke again. I felt sad and so stupid for cheating on my husband. About three weeks later, he tried to explain himself. He said that he was trying to work things out with his girlfriend, so he had to let me go. So, nowadays, every time he sees me, he tries to get my attention and speak to me. I really miss him and would love to have at least one more night with him, but I am too proud. But if I do, I will get revenge.

— Angela, 24

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