Same Mistake

I have a man I've been with for six years. He has two daughters that live with each of their mothers. I have five. All of mine are grown except for my three little boys that live with us. We got along good at first. Then we started having problems after the third year. I love him very much, and he said he loves me, but I don't understand why he likes to hang out with the fellows so much playing play station or staying at work all the time. I work, too, but I'm available whenever he likes. He doesn't like to cuddle, hug, or kiss. He's not affectionate at all. We broke up before because of this. I met someone else, but I realized I still loved him, so we got back together. I guess I was trying to fill that void and went about it the wrong way. Now that we are back together, he throws in my face all the time that I left him for someone else. But that's not really so. I really was planning to leave, but then I realized I still loved him. Now, he calls me a whore and a cheater, and he says he doesn't trust me anymore. It's been two years, and he still does the same old stuff, and I am tired again. But, I won't leave because of my love for him. Oh, and by the way, after six years he never divorced his wife to marry me. She left him when their child was six months old, and he never saw the little child again. I need some feed back quick. I don't want to make the same mistake twice.

— Jackie, 39

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