After Party

I was at a pool party with my husband and a group of my friends (girls and guys). My husband didn't really know anyone since they were an old group of friends, but he was doing his best to hang out and drink with all of us. We spent most of the afternoon drinking, when we decided to head back home. At home, I showered, but when I got out my husband was passed out in our bed. I guess he had too much to drink, but I was still in the mood to party. I called Jessica, one of my girlfriends from the pool party, and she was meeting up with some of the guys at Kyle's apartment. I decided to leave my husband passed out in bed, got dressed, and went back out. Jessica was already at Kyle's place when I showed up, along with several of the guys we were hanging with at the pool. Everyone was still pretty buzzed, and I have to say the attention I got when I walked in without hubby was amazing. We continued drinking, and honestly I was enjoying all the flirting. After a while, Jessica ended up leaving, and I decided to stay with the remaining three guys, Kyle, Chase, and Rob. Hubby hadn't called or texted me, and I knew he was still passed out at home. I was having fun getting all this new attention, so I wasn't about to leave. The four of us continued to drink and flirt, and Chase started talking about how we all looked so good in our swim suits, and that it was too bad we couldn't go back to the pool. Rob suggested that we could continue the night in our undies so that we all have each other to look at, and with that he stripped down to his boxers. He looked so good in his boxer briefs; I couldn't help but stare. Kyle and Chase followed his lead taking off their shirts, and I was surrounded by three sexy guys, all turning their attention toward me. I told Kyle and Chase that they'd have to remove their shorts too. I also told them it really wasn't fair for me since I was wearing a G-string, which covered way less than my bikini. It didn't take much convincing, whether it was the alcohol or the flirting, I took my shirt and shorts off, kind of teasing them. I'm usually a good girl, but I have to admit it was making me excited. Then, for whatever reason, I kept going with the striptease. They all sat silently around the table as I stood in front of the couch wearing only my bra and G-string. I could tell they were all enjoying the tease, so I just kept going. I couldn't believe what was happening, but I was loving it. Before long, we were all having sex. I had never been with more than one guy at once, but ladies you must try it. After we finished, I didn't hang around very long; I got dressed and left. I made it back home around 4am. When I woke up the next morning, hubby was already awake in the kitchen. I got up, changed, and washed the sheets that day. My husband has no idea that I had the night of my life, and that I'm tempted to do it again.

— Alicia, 33

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