First Threesome

Had my first threesome last night with a married couple. I had always been secretly attracted to women, but never act on it. We all were friends at first, but during that time I was married so I wasn't down. After being separated from my husband, they were a great comfort. One time at my house, she made a pass, but I pushed it off as her being drunk. Well, needless to say, her husband and I started an affair that surprisingly lasted a year without her knowing. During that time, he told me that she was feeling me and had often asked him if he wanted me. At the time, I wasn't feeling it, so our relationship continued secretly. My feelings are so strong for him and the sex is awesome. I told him yesterday that I was down for it so I joked around with her about how long it's been since I had sex. We were in the bedroom. I'm glad I've waited until forty-three to experience this. The result exceeded my fantasy.

— Deshondra, 43

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