A Learning Experience

This guy was one of my customers who sent me photo of himself after we had few conversations over the phone. He sweet-talked to me about how sweet I sounded on the phone. A few days later, he asked if I could send him my photos because he wanted to see if he was right about his intuition. He thinks I'm cute and have beautiful eyes. He also offered to buy me something to show his gratitude for doing such a wonderful job for completing the deal. We talked and exchanged emails almost everyday, just friendly emails to keep in touch. One day, when I was horseback riding, I got an email from him stating how horny he was and that he wanted me to send him a naughty photo. I didn't take it seriously because I know this guy is probably just fooling around. We both were married. I ignored it, but I thought in my mind that a little game is fine as long as you don't see the person and do anything stupid. A few days later, he asked me again, and his email was more intense and so demanding that I could see him getting frustrated for not giving him enough attention. I sent him an email back saying that I will play a game with him and that if he's fair, he might get something from me. We agreed that if I sent him a photo of my breasts he would send me a photo of himself naked. He said yes. But after he got my photo, he kept on requesting more without sending me his. I got angry, and I wanted to do something. I got a little friendly with him and sent him emails to let him know that I liked his attention and that I wanted him to keep it up because it was making me excited. One Sunday morning, I got an email from him asking me to stay online while he did a little workout. I said, "Okay, but wait. I would like to see a more serious game. How about if we meet each other?" First, he wanted me to fly to Florida, but hey, he's the one who wanted me, so I asked him to fly to California. In the matter of a two-minute chat in the messenger, he booked a flight to California, and we met for three days. Oh, my gosh, I liked him. I wanted to have sex with him so bad. We had a little shower together once, but he didn't want to have sex with me because he said I was a stranger and he does not want to take the risk. I was so insulted, and my days were ruined. I was embarrassed and so disconnected that day. We continued to stick around and drove around the city. We couldn't look each other in the eyes. I couldn't stand it up to this day how embarrassing that was. I still think of him, though. I called the next day after we parted and apologized, but he sounded so disinterested. I was so hurt and can't bear it anymore. As revenge, I sent him another email stating that I was so stupid that I got fooled by a pervert who spent his waking hours scrolling the internet to satisfy his needs. I guess he understood what I was getting at. The bottom line is, I didn't blame him for this. It was me who let him get too carried away. I hope someday we will speak again and hope we can consider the whole thing as learning experience.

— Alicia, 26

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