Repeating The Performance

I was spending the night at my boyfriend's house after a night of partying. My boyfriend went to go take a shower while I was getting ready for bed. While I was standing there in my bra and thong, my boyfriend's best friend, Maurice, walked through the door. My boyfriend lives in a really small house with two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms. Maurice saw the light on in my boyfriend's bedroom and just walked in. I was shocked that he just barged in without knocking. Maurice looked me up and down and just smiled. I knew Maurice had a major crush on me, so I just smiled back while standing there half naked. My boyfriend got out the shower and walked into his bedroom with just a towel around his waist to find Maurice standing there looking at me. He smiled at the two of us. My boyfriend suggested that we have a threesome. I balked at the idea until Maurice started to take his clothes off. I was mesmerized at how good his body looked, and my boyfriend could tell that I was liking what I was looking at. So, he wrapped his arms around me and motioned for Maurice to come closer. He then took my hands and rubbed them over Maurice's rock hard chest and very ripped stomach. Then he turned me around to face him, and he kissed me. Maurice was rubbing everywhere he could touch while I was kissing my boyfriend. Within seconds, we were all naked, rolling around on the bed, and they were taking turns. I am now engaged to the boyfriend, and at least once a week my fiancé, Maurice, and I repeat the whole thing. Only now I'm not scared to be the first to touch either one of them!

— Beverly, 19

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