This Is So Bad

The first time I had sex with my brother-in-law was in 1999. It was great. After a while, I lost interest in him. I introduced him to my close friend, and they went out for a while. I was happy for him. I started to see him more like a brother and not a lover. I also said I would never do it again. The bad thing is that my relationship with my husband is great. He shows me that he loves me, but he is just average in bed. Nonetheless, I dearly love him. Recently, my brother-in-law has been flirting with me again. He asked me when we were going to do it again. He is now going out with this girl. She is also my close friend, but they fight like cats and dogs. He says she is horrible in bed, but he says he loves her. He called me the other night and came right over. Things got really hot and heavy. It was very intense and great. Another bad thing is that I miss him so much that it's hurting me inside. Yet, I also love my husband. This is so bad that I don't know what to do.

— Jen, 32

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