Hard To Stop

I just moved to a new city. I decided to go for those ads with people looking for roommates. Well, after looking for the right place, I finally found one close to school. The person who was renting the rooms was really cute, and we got alone great from minute one. He was in the military. So, after I moved in, I was by myself for a week. When he came back, we were flirting to the point that we ended up having sex. I had never done that before. I usually get to know the guy before I go to second base with him, but he was amazing. It was probably the best sex of my life. I did things with him that I had never done before. Ever since that day we have been doing it. It's really hard to stop because we live together. I fear that if I get attached to him and it doesn't work out, I might have to move again. Hopefully that won't happen any time soon.

— Maureen, 24

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