Secretive Physical Passion

During summer vacations, I would always go visit my dad out of state. While he was working, I would sometimes babysit for or hang out with his neighbor. He was a gorgeous man in his later twenties, tan and muscular, and did odd jobs around the block. He was very friendly, funny, and horny, especially with his wife working nights and him being out in the day. At night when I could not sleep, I would go out and talk to him or swim in his pool. In this particular summer, he was moving, and I had gotten my nipples pierced and he desperately wanted to see them. At first I wouldn't show him, but then one night as I was changing into my bikini in his bathroom, I left the door open a crack since I knew he was watching. When I came out of the bathroom, I was topless and asked if he thought my rings were even. We both leaned in and began making out, touching, and grabbing each other so passionately. I proceeded to have sex with him. Over the next few days, we continued this pattern of pure animal sex up until the time I had to go home and his move out date arrived. It was some of the best sex I've ever had. Oddly enough, even though we both had partners that we loved, we felt no guilt or shame in exploring our physical secretive passion.

— Jenae, 20

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