Cleaning Can Be Exhausting

One day, I was cleaning my brother's house because he was out of town. It was the middle of July, and it was HOT! So, I was wearing a pair of mesh shorts and a sports bra, knowing no one would be home to see me. I was vacuuming my brother's room when I thought I heard a knock at the door. So, I turned the vacuum off and went to see. I saw no one, so I walked back to my brother's room. I walked in and saw the most incredible looking guy I had ever seen in my life. He was ALL muscle. I introduced myself as Ritchie's little sister, and I found that the guy's name was Rob. He was my brothers friend, one I had a crush on for YEARS! Well, I went back to cleaning. While I was bending over to get the cord for the vacuum, I felt him come up behind me and grab two handfuls of my rear. I stood up straight. He pulled me back against him and moved his hands around to my front. I turned around and kissed him. We had a long hour of foreplay, and then we had the most incredible sex ever, right there on my brother's floor! We enjoyed it so much that we went at it again, and five more times later that night, and three more that next morning. It was amazing!

— Jodi, 23

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