Pay Up Time

Back in college, when I was a post-graduate, I used to play a lot of basketball. I was good, even though I was small, and I used to play a lot with the guys at the gym. I used to wear tight shorts and sleeveless tops. One time, I was playing two-on-two with my boyfriend who was tall and a good player. We were doing pretty well, beating all comers. These two guys played us who were pretty good. It was a close game. When they guarded me, they were using their hands. This happened a lot when I played hoops, and I was used to it. It was different with these guys, though. They not only felt my butt, but one of them slipped his fingers right down the back of my pants. It felt pretty good. He was giving me pats on the bottom when I made a shot. That was unusual for an opponent. They both were brushing their hands against my chest, too. One time, we wrestled for the ball and this guy just had his hands all over me. I got the ball, but he got my breast and my butt. It was a tough game, but we managed to beat them. They were mad to lose to a tiny white girl, so they were talking trash. They wanted a rematch. My partner offered to play them for $50.00 but they said no. They said that they would play us, and if we lost, they would get me for the night. My boyfriend said no, but I said it was okay. I thought we would win. Well, you can probably guess what happened. We lost the game and we — actually I — had to pay up. Fortunately, these guys were good looking. They took me to their apartment, and their hands were all over me. They carried me to bed and they immediately took turns with me. They both had me again before we slept for a while. When they woke up, they took turns with me again. This happened twice during the night and again in the morning. Wow. I have to admit, it was fun. My boyfriend was really worried. When I told him they had me about ten times, he sort of freaked out. We broke up. I have no regrets, but I wouldn't make that wager now.

— Gloria, 31

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