Pool Party

I am a thirty-eight-year-old married woman who likes to spice things up. After fifteen years of marriage, sometimes you have to go that extra mile. My husband works second shift, so he doesn't get home until about 12:00 a.m. Our kids were at their grandmother's house for the weekend when my best friend and I had planned a sex toy party. Out on the deck next to the hot tub and pool we had drinks, snacks, and played around with all of the toys that were there. I purchased an eighteen-inch vibrator and some good lubricant. As the night went on, things were getting a little more interesting. Everyone was getting pretty drunk. By the time my husband was due home, I had girls playing around together in the hot tub and up on the side of the pool. My best friend was chasing everyone around with my new toy. My husband arrived home right on time. Just like every other night, I sent him in to change into this new bathing suit I had just bought him a few days earlier. I was quite excited because my husband is extremely large in that department. When my husband returned from putting on his suit, you should have seen my friend's face when she saw the size of it in his bathing suit. Well, the talk got really nasty. Some of my girlfriends started to leave about an hour or so later, leaving me, my husband, my best friend, and my thirty-year-old sister. We fixed more drinks and got in the hot tub. When my sister got out and grabbed my new toy, she made a comment about the size of it but said she understood after seeing my husband in his bathing suit. My sister and my best friend were playing around with my new toy. Just kidding around, I leaned over and whispered in my husband's ear for him to take off his trunks. As he stood up to remove his suit, my sister said, "Damn, look at that!" My husband told all of us that if he was going to be naked, everybody else should be, too. It did not take long for all of us to get out of our bikinis. We were all kissing and playing around with each other. But seeing my husband make love to my sister and my best friend was enough to make me want to explode. Finally, when it was my turn and my husband was making love to me, I was watching my sister and my best friend use my new toy together. We have another party scheduled for next month. I hope we can have some other women stay next time too. My husband was a big hit.

— Jenny, 38

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