Is It Just Me?

I have masturbated in front of the neighbor girl before. I have a super girlfriend that is the best in sex by far. I don't think I would have sex with the neighbor girl, but I enjoy giving her a show which I have done twice now since my ex has left. I am very proud of that fact. I love for the neighbor to see me naked. A few weeks ago, my girlfriend went to bed early and the neighbor girl was still here. I was drinking rum and coke. I get so horny on rum and coke. I didn't want to wake my girlfriend up, so I told the neighbor what I was about to do. She gave me a blanket to cover up with on the couch as I did it, but then the blanket fell off. I spread my legs a bit, and I am sure she saw everything. What I would like to know is if any woman reading this has ever done the same thing as I have? Sometimes I feel weird about it, but I know it is just me.

— Patrice, 20

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