My Workplace Crush

There is this woman. She is so sexy and attractive. She is forty-six, and I am thirty-seven. I have this tremendous crush on her, but she doesn't know it. You see, I am a woman who loves women. I have been secretly dating females for a little while now. I keep my personal life personal. Although I have a strong desire to be with this woman, I don't know how to approach her. Very often, I find myself aroused by the way she calls my name, brushes up against me, or hugs me when she is excited about things like finishing a project at work. She confides in me about many things. I really wish I could tell her how I feel. But I just keep those desires to myself. I long for the day to kiss her lips and hold her affectionately without restraint. Until then, I fantasize about her, my crush.

— Liz, 37

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